Enjoy a HIGHer experience...

How to Use the Smoke-N-Bottle

  • Roll up your smokeable tightly... but not so tight that it constricts airflow.
  • Cigars and blunts highly advised against... We've found they're too big usually and risk falling out.
  • Gently screw in the smokable 1/2 a turn, in the direction that won't unroll it.
  • Pump/puff it up a few times before you hit it. The key is to let your thumb off of the carb as you let go of squeezing it. This allows the bottle to refill. Pump until the smoke turns opaque - it's ready!
  • ​Avoid rapid use of the bottle. As it'd be without the bottle, rapid use can cause runs in your smokeable.
  • Don't worry Chief Tokemslow, you can 'camp' with the bottle for a while... The cherry can last surprisingly long.
  • Extra harsh smoke that has lost its thickness, means the smokable is pretty much done.
  • If the smoke runs out completely, either the roll-up is done or its cherry was knocked loose.
  • If the roach gets stuck, pull out the tube and use a poker/toothpick to poke it out!
  • The bottles are great storage for other smoking and/or travel gear, just remember to take your stuff out before use! Duh!
  • Clean with hot water and soap when there's heavy build-up. Not dishwasher safe.
  • ​Reuse it and enjoy. You deserve it.